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Thinking of having dried flowers for your wedding day? Let me help you create some flower magic for your big day!



Shop our Etsy shop while we build our in-site storefront.



You can find us at local New England markets, click here to find our where we are!

Fall inspired Flowers.
Green and yellow flowers.
Mother's Day Flowers.
Sage bundles with dried flowers and crystals to cleanse your home.

coming soon

We are so excited for you to have the ability to shop directly from us! Until we have our
in-site shop finalized, please visit our etsy shop and check us out at local markets.


floral print


Thank you so much for stopping in, I hope you enjoy browsing through our blooming corner of the universe.

Here, you will find dried flowers of blending textures with a palette of vibrant blooms. Crafted with care, each piece I create is a testament to the untouched beauty of the wilderness.

Thoughtfully designed to add a timeless and refined aesthetic to any home, I hope you enjoy exploring through all my unique dried floral creations.

making dried flower bouquets.
star print
flower print


Beautiful dried flowers for Grace Loves Lace.

Discover the beauty of everlasting dried flowers.


My flowers are collected from the best flower growers, using traditional methods that showcase their beauty and longevity.  


The timeless blossoms in our collection gracefully shift and transform with the seasons. This is why I continually rotate my floral arrangements in my shop, ensuring each visit brings a fresh experience.


Dried flowers will last forever with a bit of care. Simply keep them in a dry area and out of direct sunlight. They’re eco-friendly and pet safe and 100% natural and completely biodegradable.

let's connect

Follow along on our journey on tiktok & instagram. We are always posting what we are up to, behind the scenes, and new creations.

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